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Name Regiment
McDonough, Sapper Michael Joseph Royal Engineers, 'BJ' Cable Section.
McDonald, Pioneer John Royal Engineers (Inland Water Transport).
Campbell, Sapper Thomas Cornelius Royal Engineers (6th Siege Company)
McCahon, 2nd Lieutenant Robert Royal Engineers (69th Field Company, S.R.).
Donohoe, Sapper John Royal Engineers (57th Field Company).
Dixon, 2nd Lieutenant James Walter Royal Engineers
Brown, Private James Royal Defence Corps
Hill, Private George Royal Army Service Corps.
Houston, Driver Robert Francis Royal Army Service Corps.
McGarrigle, Lance Corporal George Royal Army Medical Corps.
Moore, Lieutenant Colonel (acting) Henry Royal Army Medical Corps, attached 16th Field Ambulance/Visiting Surgeon, Royal City of Dublin Hospital and Westmorland Loch Hospital.
Browne, Captain Bernard Score Royal Army Medical Corps / Cheshire Regiment, attached 2nd Battalion
Bassett, Lieutenant Robert John Royal Army Medical Corps
Gillespie, Private Harry Royal Air Force.
O’Donnell, Private Patrick Royal Air Force.
Palmer, Private Benjamin Norman Record Office Clerk, Army Service Corps.
Lazenby, Deck Hand Edward R.N.R., H.M.T. 'Angle.'
Holmes, Trimmer George R.N.R., H.M. Trawler 'Helcia.'
Hammond, 2nd Hand G. T. R.N.R., H.M. Trawler 'Helcia'.
Hall, Albert Edward R.N., H.M.S. 'Ossory'.
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