Diamond War Memorial Project

Private John James Atcheson

107th Battalion Canadian Pioneers Regimental Number 216061
Born: 1880-02-25 Died: 1917-08-15 Aged: -- Enlisted: ------

Interred in Loos British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France. Name inscribed on St Columb's Cathedral (Church of Ireland) Memorial to the men connected to that cathedral who died during the 1914-18 War. Name also commemorated on the Diamond War Memorial.

Second son of Mr G. W. Atcheson, 15, Clarendon Street, Londonderry. Possibly brother/nephew of Margaret Atcheson, who died on April 23, 1922, and was buried in Londonderry City Cemetery. Possibly brother of George Atcheson, who married Nellie, daughter of James Blain, Belfast, on March 19, 1920, at St George's English Church, Saskatoon, Canada.

Private John James Atcheson, previous to joining up, almost two years before his death, was engaged on an extensive farm in Canada with his eldest brother. He volunteered in Canada, and was attached to a battalion of Canadian infantry. Prior to emigrating, John James Atcheson was for a short period employed on the local staff of the Evening Telegraph as a junior reporter.

Private John James Atcheson's name was read out during a memorial service held, in St Columb's (Church of Ireland) Cathedral, Londonderry, on Sunday, June 28, 1918, to commemorate the Derry soldiers, who had been killed, or assumed dead, over the past year.