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Second Lieutenant Malcolm Eyton Lawrence

6th Battalion, attached 2nd Battalion, King's Royal Rifle Corps. Regimental Number ----
Born: ---- Died: 1915-01-10 Aged: 25 Enlisted: ------


Son of Hon. H. A. Lawrence.

Malcolm Lawrence was educated at Eton, and served for one year in the Yorkshire Light Infantry as a special reserve officer. For the four years prior to the outbreak of the Great War he had been living in British Columbia, Canada. He enlisted in the 88th Victoria Fusiliers on the day war was declared, and came to England with the first Canadian contingent. On landing he heard that his young brother, Christopher, who had a commission in the King's Royal Rifle Corps, had been killed in action at the Aisne. He was offered and accepted a commission in his brother's regiment, and joined the 6th Battalion at Sheerness early in November 1914, and was sent to France after a few weeks. He was killed in Flanders while leading a storming party which was ordered to take an important position. His commanding officer wrote ? 'On reaching the position he found that a brother officer, who had led another storming party, was in need of assistance, as he had lost more than half his men. Lawrence dashed over the intervening seventy yards with some of his men, and was no doubt responsible for getting back his brother officer, who was now left alone and would have been cut off.'

Malcolm Lawrence was the grandson of John Laird Mair Lawrence, afterwards Lord Lawrence, the great Indian administrator, who was born on March 4, 1811. He was about five years younger than his brother, Henry, who gained great distinction as a soldier and administrator in the Indian service, and who was killed by a shell at the Lucknow Residency in 1857. Both brothers passed through a course of education at Foyle College, Londonderry.